NAVHDA   Toronto Chapter


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BI Bracco Italiano

BA Braque D’auvergne

BB Braque Du Bourbonnais

BF Braque Francais

BS Brittany 

CF Cesky Fousek

DP Drentse Partridge

ES English Setter

FP French Spaniel

GL German Longhaired Pointer

GS German Shorthaired Pointer

GW German Wirehaired Pointer

GO Gordon Setter

IR Irish Red & White Setter

IS Irish Setter

LM Large Munsterlander

PT Pointer

PO Portuguese Pointer

PP Pudelpointer

SH Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer

SM Small Munsterlander

SP Spinone

ST Stichelhaar

VI Vizsla

WM Weimaraner

GR Wirehaired Pointing Griffon