NAVHDA   Toronto Chapter


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NAVHDA Toronto Chapter Membership Application

Name: _____________________________              Email: ________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________                          Postal Code: ___________________

Phone #: ______________________             Cell: __________________________

Breeds _____________________________              NAVHDA # _____________________



Information about you:

Testing experience:   NA __ UPT __  UT __   VC__    Other _______________

Interest in Volunteer Opportunities


Training Days (experience dependent) __   Transporting Judges (to/form airport) __

Fundraising __                                               Hosting Judges (accommodation)   __ __ __
Providing Facilities or Access to Training Land __



I, (name) __________________________________________________________ of
(address) ________________________________________________________________

hereby request membership in the Toronto NAVHDA chapter. As a member, I agree to abide by the bylaws and principles of this chapter and NAVHDA International and all provincial game laws. As an ambassador of this club, I will act with courtesy and respect and adhere to the rules of good sportsmanship.


Signed _________________________ Date_____________________ Renewal: yes  no


Mail to Secretary

Daniel Fiorio   416-816-0934

Bryan van Vugt  416-456-0580

contact for mailing address


Payable to NAVHDA Toronto Chapter

Regular $40.00 Each additional family member $15 each