NAVHDA   Toronto Chapter


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The 26 Annual Valentine Dance was once again a great success. NAVHDA TORONTO would like to thank everyone for their generous donations.

Loyall Dog Food for once again donating dog food and hats.

Other Sponsor Iinclude:

Bass Pro

Lamanna's Bakery Cafe, Fine Foods

Pat Geraneo

Roger Huttmann

David and Denise Waud

Carlo Catulli

Frank Ferrara at On Point Game Farm

Vito Quinto

Daniel Fiorio at Salon  Daniel Spa

at 83 Yorkville Ave Toronto ON M5R1C1


NAVHDA would also like to thank Montecasino Woodbridge and their staff for their excellent venue and service.

We would also like to thank anyone that we may have missed. Your donations are greatly appreciated.